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Conducive Technology-Productive Convergence of Technology and Life

Posted by conducivetechnology on May 31, 2008

Laura, my wife has always been a getting things done (GTD) Goddess.  She likes to call it obsessive-compulsive behavior, but her drive to set goals and tasks, then follow through with them is a rare trait that can be found in most successful people who are truly happy with their lives. It is no fluke that those who set goals to accomplish things are able to achieve great success and seem happier with their lives. Personally I have viewed it as a burden to set and follow time limits on accomplishing things. I have always been one to get things done up to the point I don’t feel like doing it anymore.  To not plan things out and to just live day to day.  Sure I have aspirations, wishes, wants and needs.  But those without concrete planning are just what they are and no more closer to reality.  As I plan my life and create goals to accomplish those dreams I have come across various tools, software, and technologies that have caused more work and some that have been conducive with my life allowing me to be more productive.  I have developed this blog mainly as a way of sharing with those interested the things that have made my life easier and more productive.  Most topics will focus on software, tools, and technologies that will be conducive with my life as a father, husband, and in my job role as an IT Tech.  Other topics will focus on life’s thoughts, events, and ideas.


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